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There is no doubt about it, Michael Curtis likes old stuff.  Some would call it junk, but he has a knack for fixing it up and making it go.  Michael bought his first antique, International 1936 truck in 1968, while attending junior high school.  He said that he was cruising around town on a motorcycle with his buddy, when they spotted the truck, minus one wheel, parked in front of a house on Arizona Ave.  Michael liked the "hands on" work, and has been doing things that way his whole life.  The truck project took him two full years, but he remembers hearing cheers from around the school the day he drove his truck out of the shop.  

Michael put his truck into full-time service when he started the Window Cleaning business in 1977.  A few years later, he purchased another International truck, this time a 1934.  Thus began the the fleet...

The fleet now includes three operational service trucks and five ornamental trucks parked along the Hwy 41.  Over the years, Michael has had many offers to purchase and even more requests to photograph the fleet.  Though he agrees to the photos, he will never sell.

Michael's original truck was the inspiration behind the trademark logo for Michael's Window Cleaning when he began in 1977.  The line drawing of the truck was created by his brother, Alan and the logo was put together by his sister, Kathleen.

International Truck Michaels Wino Cleaning
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